The Theoretical Chemistry Group of the Torino University is pleased to announce the “Workshop in Solid State Quantum Chemistry” (WSSQC-13) to be held in Torino (Italy), next 6-7 September 2013.

This event is connected to the “Ab initio Modeling in Solid State Chemistry” (MSSC2013) advanced school to be held in Torino (Italy), next 1-5 September 2013 in which the new public release of the CRYSTAL program (CRYSTAL13) will be presented.

The WSSQC-13 workshop is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Cesare Pisani who spent his whole life, until his premature death occurred in July 2011, in the investigation of formal aspects related to the quantum-mechanical treatment of solids and in the implementation of general and public computer codes.

Among the several areas of solid state quantum  chemistry Cesare Pisani significantly contributed to develop, we select five of them which become the main sessions of the workshop: Electron Correlation, Symmetry, Charge Distribution, Surfaces and Defects and Response Properties.

A social event will take place on Friday 6 September 2013 night: a dinner and a concert for piano and voice with music by Mozart and Schubert.