A quick tour of CRYSTAL input and output:
 1. Single point 
 2. Geometry optimization
 3. Harmonic frequencies 
Basic tutorials: 
crystal input:
 1. Geometry
 2. Basis set
 3. Hamiltonian, SCF&C
Introductory tutorials
Total energy single point
Geometry optimization
One electron properties
Vibrational frequencies
Surfaces and adsorption
Magnetic properties 
Advanced tutorials:
Transition State (TS) search
Nanotube systems
Vibrational Frequencies
Metals: bulk and surfaces
Metal-oxide interfaces
Phase transitions
Elastic and piezoelectric tensors
High frequency dielectric constants by FIELD
High frequency dielectric constants by CPHF(KS)
EMD: Electron Momentum Density
Application of 4f-in-core ECPs for lanthanides

Updated 14-09-2012